Sustainability Policy

Dales Dairies focuses very strongly on its sustainability offer and continually monitors and reviews its position to increase efficiencies and minimise its impact on the environment.

Approach to reducing carbon emissions:

  • Over 95% of our milk is sourced direct from local farms, creating short, secure regional supply chains and keeping food miles to a minimum.
  • Delivery routes are planned to maximise full loads and minimise mileage.

The waste products associated with the processing business are recycled wherever possible. Dales Dairies has means to recycle water, glass, cardboard, paper and clean plastics. Products which are returned on the delivery vehicles will be disposed of through the recycling process. The close association with Dairy UK makes certain Dales Dairies is aware of all environmental issues associated with the dairy processing industry, such as recycling initiatives and packaging reductions.

Dales Dairies runs alongside a successful dairy farm business. The dairy farm is heavily involved in EU environmental schemes which encourage preservation and enhancement of the countryside and nature conservation. For example, land cannot be overstocked, spreading of manures is restricted, and flora and fauna in natural habitats are encouraged. Throughout expansion, Dales Dairies has incorporated environmental plans into the scheme, hardwood trees have been planted in and around the site, and all water is sourced from a licensed borehole.

The above shows that Dales Dairies can help both the Public and Private Sector cope with the impact of climate change by sourcing milk locally, having short supply chains, reducing carbon from distribution networks, and minimising packaging.