Dales Dairies is committed to assessing the environmental impact of current and likely future operations. We continually seek to minimise impact on the environment, and aim to reduce pollution, waste and emissions wherever possible.


Dales Dairies focuses very strongly on its sustainability offer, and continually monitors and reviews its position to increase efficiencies and minimise the impact on the environment. This is done in a number of ways:

  • Over 95% of our milk is sourced direct from local farms. This creates short, secure regional supply chains, keeping food miles to a minimum.
  • Delivery routes are planned to maximise vehicle usage and minimise mileage.
  • Waste products associated with the processing business are recycled wherever possible. Dales Dairies has means to recycle water, glass, cardboard, paper and clean plastics.
  • Our Dairy Farm is heavily involved in EU Environmental schemes, which encourage preservation and enhancement of the countryside and nature conservation. Tree planting schemes around the area are in place and water is sourced from a licensed borehole.