Environment Policy

Dales Dairies is committed to assessing the environmental impact of current and likely future operations. The company will continually seek to minimize its impact on the environment and aim to reduce pollution, waste and emissions.

We endeavour to train employees in environmental matters by raising their awareness on related issues and encouraging their participation in matters which will affect this business and the businesses of our customers.

The company will monitor the progress of the environmental performance, and review this policy on an annual basis.


  • Energy and Water Consumption. We endeavour to reduce and conserve the use of electricity and water consumption without compromising the efficiency of the business. All food processing machinery is regularly serviced. We recycle and reuse water were practical. Insulation is used in the fabrication of the dairy and cold stores. Curtain strips are placed across doorways to retain temp. Staff are trained to minimise the opening periods for doorways on cold stores and were practical to turn off machinery and lighting when not in use. Low wattage lighting is used where appropriate.
  • Recycling. Where possible the company encourages the recycling of waste products. Paper tissue used is 90% recycled. Paper and plastic are segregated and sent for recycling. Scrapped electrical motors/batteries are sent for recycling. Used steel is kept for fabrication where practical and off cuts and waste steel sent for recycling.
  • Transport. All company delivery vehicles are regularly serviced to ensure they run at their optimum capability.
  • Environment. A planting policy has been undertaken and at present approx 250 permanent trees have been planted. A large area of land has been offered and taken up by English Nature for SSSI.