Quality Statement

Dales Dairies is registered for milk production under the Dairy Product (Hygiene) Regulations 2005 with the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. They inspect the premises regularly to check compliance of both the premises and production methods with the regulations.

Dales Dairies is registered under the Dairy Product (Hygiene) Regulations 2005 with the Craven Borough Council for the Heat Treatment of Milk (Pasteurisation) and as a Milk Distributor/Dealer. Our milk processing, dairy and production methods are inspected, and products are regularly sampled by the Environmental Health Department for compliance with the Regulations that form part of the Food Safety Act. Approval of our premises and production methods is recognised by the award of an EEC Health Mark UK CV 017 EC.

We, at Dales Dairies, are very conscious of the need to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and to achieve this we have in place Quality Assurance Systems to monitor all aspects of production control. Additionally, we use an independent UKAST approved Laboratory to monitor our milk’s bacteriological quality on a random sampling basis, and use a specialist consultant to advice on best practice etc.

Our contracted raw milk supplies are Farm Assured from our own herd and other local farms. These supplies are subjected to independent random quality checks by Eclipse Laboratories in addition to “In House” daily antibiotic, visual and organoleptic assessment checks.

We hold STS Accreditation enabling us to supply the NHS and the major retail sector.

In brief summary we have:

  1. Product Specifications
  2. Product Temperature Control Records
  3. Organoleptic (smell and taste) testing of products prior to despatch and again at end of shelf life
  4. Emergency Product Withdrawal Procedure
  5. Records of all results of samples independently tested by UKAST approved Laboratory
  6. HACCP based full cleaning and processing schedules
  7. Employee Health Screening and Certification
  8. Regular inspections by DEFRA and Local Authority Environmental Health
  9. Back up consultancy from a specialist consultant

We are pleased to confirm that our products, our premises, our production and processing methods meet the requirements of all UK and EEC legislation.

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